Guides for Linux and Windows VDS

In this section, we have collected guides for clients that are using VDS from FirstByte. Useful guides that will make it easier for you to work with servers and give detailed verified answers on how to make basic settings with servers. We constantly analyze feedbacks from our clients with VDS servers and supplement this section with up-to-date instructions. If you have any idea what Linux VDS instructions we should write do not hesitate, let us know.

Installation and basic work with VDS servers

How to connect to a Linux server via SSH

How to connect to Windows server via RDP

How to upload files from Linux using SSH

How to connect PC disk to server via RDP

Windows server settings

How to change RDP port in Windows Server 2012/2016/2019/2022

How to enable sound and microphone in RDP session

How to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Protection in Windows Server

How to enable .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows Server

How to View and Save the Event Log in Windows Server 2019

How to install hosting control panels

Howt to install ISPmanager hosting control panel on VDS from FirstByte

How to Install FASTPANEL Control Panel on FirstByte Server

How to Install HestiaCP Control Panel on Firstbyte Server

How to Install BrainyCP Control Panel on FirstByte Server

How to Install CloudPanel Control Panel and WordPress on a Server from FirstByte

How to Install aaPanel on a Linux Server by FirstByte

Installation of site and document management systems

How to install NextCloud on a server from FirstByte

Usage and monitoring on VDS

How to view CPU usage in linux server

How to measure internet speed on Linux server

How to check network usage on Linux VDS

How to run network diagnostics

Installation and configuration of various specialized software (VPN)

How to install WireGuard VPN on VDS by FirstByte

How to install OpenVPN on VDS by FirstByte

How to Install Firezone for WireGuard on a Linux Server by FirstByte

Installing and configuring PPTP VPN on VDS from FirstByte

How to Install Docker and Docker Compose on a Linux Server

Working with the VDS disk subsystem

How to increase disk in Linux with gParted

How to extend the system disk partition in Windows Server 2012/2016/2019/2022

Correction of known errors when working with VDS