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Tariffs are valid from January 10, 2022.
TariffConfigurationIPMI+KVM InternetSetup pricePrice, eur/monthly
SHD-1 2 x Intel Xeon
12x SATA 2TB/RAID-5 = 22TB
100Mb/s free
or 1Gb/s
0Inquire the priceInquire the price
SHD-2 2 x Intel Xeon
12x SATA 4TB/RAID-5 = 44TB
100Mb/s free
or 1Gb/s
0Inquire the priceInquire the price

Unlimited traffic up to 1 Gbit/s

Free protections against DDoS attack

Triple power supply

Monitoring and maintenance 24/7

Tier 3 Data Center

Remote reboot and OS reinstall

Possibility to create a PTR Record

Free DNS hosting from FirstByte

Free setup

Dedicated storage servers are stand-alone equipment, the configuration of which depends on the tasks performed by the client. The lease provides for the independent choice of the OS by the client, as well as the installation of software and the performance of other database storage operations. Final prices are in the pricing tab. The minimum rental period is 30 days. The storage system, the price of which depends on the options chosen, meets all quality standards.


  1. There is no additional software on the rented storage server.
  2. There is no test period.
  3. Free consultation is provided only on the operation of the equipment.
  4. Installing a storage server with Linux and its varieties is 15–20 minutes after payment by the client.

The purpose of data storage system (DSS) servers is to save IT infrastructure resources and ensure cybersecurity. The equipment is simple, manageable and flexible, has no restrictions on the connection range. The use of a data storage system guarantees the quality and reliability of the written, stored and processed information. Servers are characterized by high fault tolerance, which reduces the risk of losing even a small part of information assets.

Our advantages

The affordable cost of FirstByte’s services is provided by the possibility for the client to independently install additional software into the storage system. The company also guarantees fast recovery of servers in case of failures. All safety standards are followed. The storage servers are hosted in a Tier III certified data center. It maintains optimal temperature and microclimate all the time.

The storage system, the rental price of which will suit you completely, is characterized by high speed. The servers use high-speed SSD drives, and the entire complex is designed using the DSS approach.

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