We are glad to welcome you in our team. We are reliable and highly educated professionals who love our job, who takes a proactive stance and ready to realize ourselves, who develop and consolidate the success of the FirstByte company. If you feel that our team fits you – please send us your curriculum vitae and we will not leave it unattended.

UNIX system administrator

Position Type: Constant.
Schedule: 5/2, full employment.
Required skills: significant operating management experience in UNIX (FreeBSD or Linux)

  • Knowledge of network protocols, routing principles;
  • Experience in building security systems firewall: ipfw, pf shell boxes: chroot, jail;
  • Experience in database management (MySQL, memcached);
  • Experience in the administration of web-servers (apache, nginx);
  • Knowledge of SMTP service basics, DNS, FTP, POP3 / IMAP;
  • Experience in programming related administration tasks on Perl;
  • Experience of work with virtualization (Xen, KVM).

Languages: Technical English.
Type of work: In the office.

  • Participation in the development and operation of cloud hosting system.
  • Support and administration of the hosting company’s projects.

Salary: by results of interview.

Please send your CV [email protected]

Technical Support

Position Type: Constant.
Schedule: Flexible schedule, the possibility of part time remote job.

  • Ability to understand the reason for the failure in the script or application;
  • Knowledge of PHP and MySQL to read someone else’s code;
  • Understanding the functioning of web hosting services;
  • Correct speech and writing;
  • Patience and gentle manners.

Salary: by results of interview.

Please send your CV [email protected]