Additional paid services

FIRSTBYTE provides additional paid services for customers. We will help you solve certain tasks that you find difficult to handle on your own. Our specialists have extensive experience in solving typical issues related to the operation of virtual servers and their administration.

Basic works that we can make for you and their cost.

Restoring works Cost,€.
Setting up an IPv4 / IPv6 network on the server (replacing the IP address of VDS, choosing an additional IP address) 4
Resetting the Linux/UNIX root password 8
Resetting the Windows Server Administrator password 14
Reset admin password for popular CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Bitrix), MySQL, MariaDB 12
Technical works Cost,€.
File system changes (disk expansion, disk check) 6
Basic installation and configuration of the website control panel (ISPmanager, VestaCP, BrainyCP, cPanel, FASTPANEL) 6
Migrating website to clients VDS (per 1 site/domain) 8
Migrating the client’s website to the company’s web hosting (WordPress, from ISPmanager to ISPmanager) free
Manual migration of the client’s website to VDS or web hosting 8
CMS installation (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Bitrix and others) 10
Installing an OS from a clients ISO. 16
Creating a virtual server disk image copy 10
Restoring a virtual server disk from an image copy 10
Setting up backup in the control panel 4
Setting up Linux backup when there is no control panel installed 20
Issuing a Let’s encrypt certificate manually with auto-renewal 12
Installing a Third Party SSL Certificate 8
Software update work Cost,€.
Updating the OS and programs on the server 8
Server control panel update 8
Change major PHP version on VDS 10
Site CMS update negotiated
Updating major versions of MySQL/MariaDB, changing MySQL ↔️ MariaDB negotiated
Restoring MySQL, MariaDB negotiated
Updating the major version of the OS with saving data negotiated
Chat with technical support on abstract topics 😉 negotiated

We will be happy to help you.