VDS SAS (KVM) hosting plans

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VDS hosting plans with optimal vCPU cores, amount of RAM and the size of SAS hard disk space

Tariff plans are valid from 4th August 2016
Drive, GB
Bandwidth LocationPrice, €/month
KVM-SAS-11 1vCPU38420unmetered traffic 200Mb/s1.52order
KVM-SAS-2 3vCPU 51240unmetered traffic 200Mb/s4.60order
KVM-SAS-3 3vCPU102470unmetered traffic 200Mb/s7.68order
KVM-SAS-4 4vCPU 102480unmetered traffic 200Mb/s8.45order
KVM-SAS-54vCPU2048120unmetered traffic 200Mb/s11.52order
KVM-SAS-65vCPU3072150unmetered traffic 200Mb/s15.37order
KVM-SAS-7 5vCPU4096150unmetered traffic 200Mb/s16.91order
7vCPU4096200unmetered traffic 200Mb/s19.98order

1 There are a number of technical limitations: does not support the ISPmanager control panel, pay administration service is not provided. Owner manages own server. Also, there is no possibility to order extra IPv4 addresses. Ability to connect extra IPv6 addresses present.

2 Available flexible adjustment of the tariff parameters in order to billing.

VDS hosting plans with an increased amount of RAM and disk space SAS

Tariff plans are valid from 4th August 2016
Drive, GB
Bandwidth LocationPrice, €/month
highmem-KVM-SAS-12vCPU1192120unmetered traffic 200Mb/s7.68order
highmem-KVM-SAS-2 2vCPU2304240unmetered traffic 200Mb/s13.83 order
highmem-KVM-SAS-3 2vCPU4608450unmetered traffic 200Mb/s23.06order
highmem-KVM-SAS-4 3vCPU9216550unmetered traffic 200Mb/s30.75 order
highmem-KVM-SAS-5 5vCPU16385550unmetered traffic 200Mb/s46.14order
highmem-KVM-SAS-6 5vCPU 32000 550unmetered traffic 200Mb/s72.29order
highmem-KVM-SAS-7 5vCPU 32000 2500unmetered traffic 200Mb/s138.45order

VDS hosting plans with the increased amount of SAS hard disk space

Tariff plans are valid from 4th August 2016
Drive, GB
Bandwidth Location Price, €/month
highhdd-KVM-SAS-1 1vCPU1024120unmetered traffic 200Mb/s7.68order
highhdd-KVM-SAS-2 1vCPU1024240unmetered traffic 200Mb/s12.29order
highhdd-KVM-SAS-3 1vCPU1024330unmetered traffic 200Mb/s15.37order
highhdd-KVM-SAS-4 1vCPU1024440unmetered traffic 200Mb/s19.98 order
highhdd-KVM-SAS-5 1vCPU1024550unmetered traffic 200Mb/s26.14 order
highhdd-KVM-SAS-6 1vCPU10241200unmetered traffic 200Mb/s46.14 order

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) — virtualization technology in Linux, for VDS hosting. The advantages of KVM VDS are reliability, guarantee allocation of resources, access to the server through the VNC, as well as the ability to install any operating system without any restrictions.

For the group of KVM-SAS tariff plans we used the Ceph as a storage system, distributed data platform, built on the basis of the traditional HDD (SAS) with the use of SSD drives (for caching). Virtual KVM-SAS servers have the optimal speed of the disk subsystem IO and the large volume disk.

SSD — solid state disk, which are compared with traditional SAS can deliver up to 100 times better performance, near-instant access to files and quick loading of the operating system.

Available OS templates for virtual servers based on KVM virtualization container: Centos 6; Centos 7; Debian 6; Debian 7; Debian 8; Ubuntu 14; Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard. It is possible to install an operating system from an ISO image.