Social politics

Social policy of the company FirstByte

The social policy of our company is aimed at supporting various groups of citizens of the Russian Federation and other states. This policy includes the provision of discounts and special conditions:

  1. Forward-looking projects aimed at long-term cooperation with our company;
  2. Small businesses in need of computing resources and are not able to buy them on a common basis;
  3. Low-income groups of citizens and their families;
  4. Disabled groups 1 and 2;
  5. Large families;
  6. Pensioners;
  7. Schoolchildren;
  8. Students.

The above social groups individually possible discounts and special offers. (Ability, size, terms of deals negotiated in each case individually). Further information can be obtained by placing a request to private office.

This offer does not constitute a public offer. The Company reserves the right to refuse to provide discounts and/or special offers without explanation.