VDS SSD (KVM) hosting plans

VDS hosting plans with optimal vCPU cores, amount of RAM and the size of SSD storage space

Tariff plans are valid from 4th October 2022
SSD Drive, GB
Price, €/month
KVM-SSD 1vCPU102420unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 2.50order
KVM-SSD-111vCPU76810unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 1.52order
KVM-SSD-2 3vCPU 76820unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 5.22order
KVM-SSD-3 3vCPU102430unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 5.68 order
KVM-SSD-4 4vCPU 1536 30unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 8.91order
KVM-SSD-5 4vCPU204840unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 11.52 order
KVM-SSD-6 5vCPU204840unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 13.06 order
KVM-SSD-7 5vCPU 409650unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 18.45order
7vCPU409670unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 19.52order
Только Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard EN или Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard RU на выбор клиента.
3vCPU3276860unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 61.53order

1 There are a number of technical limitations: does not support the ISPmanager control panel, pay administration service is not provided. Owner manages own server. Also, there is no possibility to order extra IPv4 addresses. Ability to connect extra IPv6 addresses present.

2 Available flexible adjustment of the tariff parameters in order to billing.

3 Plan already includes fee for rent license Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard EN or Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard RU on client’s choice.

VDS hosting plans with an increased amount of RAM

Tariff plans are valid from 4th October 2022
SSD Drive, GB
Price, €/month
highmem-KVM-SSD-1 2vCPU204815unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 5.52order
highmem-KVM-SSD-2 2vCPU409620unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 7.37order
highmem-KVM-SSD-3 2vCPU819230unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 10.75order
highmem-KVM-SSD-4 3vCPU16384 40unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 24.60 order
highmem-KVM-SSD-5 3vCPU3276860unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 46.14order
highmem-KVM-SSD-6 5vCPU6553680unmetered traffic 200Mb/s 84.60 order

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) — virtualization technology in Linux, for VDS hosting. The advantages of KVM VDS are reliability, guarantee allocation of resources, access to the server through the VNC, as well as the ability to install any operating system without any restrictions.

For the group of KVM-SSD tariff plans we used the Ceph as a storage system, distributed fault-tolerant data repository built using SSD drives. Virtual KVM-SSD servers have increased the speed of the disk subsystem IO.

SSD — solid state disk, which are compared with traditional SAS can deliver up to 100 times better performance, near-instant access to files and quick loading of the operating system.

Available OS templates for virtual servers based on KVM virtualization container: Centos 6; Centos 7; Debian 6; Debian 7; Debian 8; Ubuntu 14; Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard. It is possible to install an operating system from an ISO image.

Unlimited traffic in 200Mb/s speed

Free DDoS Protection

Triple power supply

Monitoring and maintenance 24/7

Tier 3 Data Center

Remote reboot and reinstall

Creating a PTR Record

Free DNS from FirstByte

Free Install