Frequently asked questions

General questions

Yes, for the virtual server on the test, you need to do an arbitrary payment of € 0.2. The server is allocated for the test period of 24 hours. We take 10 rubles for test access to minimize the criminal use of the service.

After the transfer of money you choose the server you want and get to the point where billing will redirect you to the Robokassa website. At this point you stop (without making the payment), and tell us. We credited the payment is conditional, if you are satisfied with the test, you simply pay the payment and continue to use the server.

Get more information on the test server for 24 hours

The cost includes one IPv4 address and one IPv6. If desired, you can buy the server up to 9 additional IPv4-addresses at a price of 85 rubles per month per Unit, and up to 256 additional IPv6-address to the KVM rates for 1 ruble per month for a single piece.
For additional fees on OVZ can add only 9 IPv6-addresses.

The information below is relevant only for KVM user tariffs.
DNS servers that should be listed in a virtual machine network settings:

Our equipment is located in a modern certified TIER III data center DataPro. Other locations we haven’t.

On our servers, the processor used Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2650 v3 (25M Cache, 2.30 GHz).

Date of commencement of production Q3’14 Processor 
Maximum clock speed with Turbo Boost Technology 3 GHz.
This processor uses DDR4 memory.

CPU Test Result – CPU Benchmarks 

Yes, we have DDoS protection on all tariffs.

Our customer support works 24/7/365.

Yes, we have money back.
It should take into account the fact that we do not refund the money if the client is not satisfied with the fact that we do not provide services free system administration.

1) Independently ordered server can be removed not earlier than 30 days after activation of the service.
2) If you need to remove the server before they are due, please contact customer support.

It is best suited for this purpose, any tariff of tariff plans KVM-SSD or KVM-SAS.
You can also connect the TUN/TAP module on any OVZ plans, except OVZ-SSD-1 and OVZ-SAS-1. To connect the TUN/TAP module on OVZ plans you need to send a ticket to customer support with a request to connect the module to your server.

If you have a simple and/or lightly loaded project and you do not need tuning virtual server, use the OpenVZ.
In case if you have high load (a lot of visitors, many of the compounds, and the like where a lot of >1000) and/or need to fine-tune your server, you need to use the KVM.

KVM server sets up to 50 minutes.
Centos 6-7 ~ 15 minutes,
Ubuntu ~ 40-50 minutes,
Method installation — kickstart.

OVZ server installed no more than 15 minutes.