How to upload files from Linux using SSH

Why do we need to upload files via SSH

If we connect to a server that can only be authorized with an SSH key, and we don’t have an SFTP client, or we don’t know the password and we connect through central control, then will help us with this. This software is free and does not have a limit on the size of the file that we want to upload in order to transfer it further or download it to our PC.

How to upload files using

To begin with process, we must log into the server and execute few command. After we have completed it, we must wait for the file to be uploaded and to get download link. The first is the command, and the second is the future link.

IMPORTANT!!! If you don’t have “curl” on your server, then you must install it.

Debian/Ubuntu: apt install curl
CentOS/RHEL: yum -y install curl
curl --upload-file ./name-and-file-path

As you can see, once uploaded, we can delete it using the QR code when we receive the delete token.