How to Install V2Ray Proxy / VPN VPN on Linux Server by FirstByte

What is V2Ray VPN

V2Ray is a proxy and VPN tool. It is a powerful and flexible open source proxy that supports multiple protocols including VMess, VLESS, Trojan, Shadowsocsk and others, which stands for “Universal Message Transport“, is a protocol that provides a high degree of security and flexibility.

How to install V2Ray and configure its protocols on the server

As always, we try to explain how to optimize the entire setup process so that it takes as little time as possible and the installation is simple and straightforward. We will not engage in deep manual configuration of this software, as this scares many people and not everyone can handle it.

For installation and quick configuration, we will use the scripts and user interface of the MHSanaei/3x-ui open source package (Xray panel supporting multi-protocol multi-user expire day & traffic & ip limit) More details : 3x-ui

To install V2Ray, first we must log in to our server and run the installation script for our software control panel with the command:

bash <(curl -Ls

If you do not have curl, we install it with the command

Debian/Ubuntu : apt install curl
CentOS/RHEL : yum install curl

After starting the installation, when asked if we want to continue with the changes, press the “y” button, press Enter and continue the installation.

Then the software will immediately ask us to specify:

– username, for example admin
– user password, for example your technical password
– port for the control panel, for example 4000

After we have specified all the data, the panel will be installed and ready to work.

IMPORTANT!!! By default, all ports open and in this direction you should not perform any actions i.e. ports do not need to be opened.

To go to the control panel, in the browser we indicate the IP address of our server and the port that we have allocated for the panel. After this action, a window will appear in front of you, where we must specify the name and password of the user we created.

After entering the panel, it should look exactly as indicated below.
To create a user, we click on the Inbounds button.

Now that the Inbound section has opened, click on the Add Inbound button.

As you can see, we will create exactly shadowsocks , but you can choose another protocol you need that is available. We do not touch the settings and click on Create to create our proxy.

That’s all, we have created a ShadowSocks proxy and now we can connect.

How to connect to a VPN/proxy using a PC

In order for us to connect to our proxy, we must first download a program that will help us with this.
Follow the link and download the latest stable version for our OS. As we use Windows, we will download the Windows version. If you have a different OS, on the “releases” page, select the appropriate version for you.

After we have downloaded and unpacked the archive file of the program, we go into its folder, double-click on the icon and open the program.

At the first start, we must select the core of the program. As expected, we select “xray” as our panel works on it.

To get the key of our proxy, in the control panel we click on “ ”, then on the QR code icon, then click on the QR code itself and in this way we copy the key.

Now we can add the key to our program. Open the program, then paste the key with “CTRL+V“, or right-click, and click on “Add profile from clipboard“.

After we have set our key, we now click on the proxy profile of the mouse’s right button and “turn it on” by clicking on “Start”.

Now we are ready to connect to the proxy itself. We click on Tun Mode so that we use it as a VPN and so that all programs and the whole PC is connected to it, and not as an OS proxy that will not allow us to do this.

Now we can go to the site that checks our address and we can see that it is the IP address of the server and that our proxy is working through TUN as a VPN .

How to connect to a proxy through Android and iOS

Connecting via smartphone is very easy! To do this, we can recommend you:

For iOS, you can download the V2Box app:

For Android, you can download the NekoBox app:
Select the latest version available and install it.
NekoBox is also in the Play Store, but it’s not free to download. You can also download it from market and donate to the author of the application.

Both clients support different protocols like VMESS, VLESS, ShadowSocks, Trojan and others.
To connect to your proxy server, just scan the QR code and you will be able to connect.