Additional features for virtual servers

Additional options on your virtual server

NamePrice per monthSetup price
Additional IPv4 (up to 10 for server)1.3 €0
Additional IPv6 (up to 10 for server) on OVZ plans0.02 €0
Additional IPv6 (up to 256 for server) on KVM plans 0.02 €0
FTP Backup 30GB0.92 €0
FTP Backup 50GB1.54 €0
FTP Backup 100GB2.31 €0
FTP Backup 500GB6.15 €0
FTP Backup 1000GB10.77 €0
FTP Backup 2000GB15.38 €0
IP transfer between servers1015.38 €

1 This service is only available if technically possible.

Software licenses for virtual servers FirstByte2

NamePrice per monthSetup price
ISPmanager 5 Lite, 4 Lite (no support)32.92 €0
ISPmanager 5 Business, 4 Pro (no support)37.38 €0

2 These licenses are available at a reduced price only with FirstByte virtual servers. Rates for the “external” software licenses located here.

3 Licenses are provided without technical support from FirstByte. Detailed conditions of the support of the product are at the developer’s site: 

Microsoft Windows licenses for virtual servers FirstByte4

NameSetupPrice per month
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard EN5 011.13 €
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard RU5 011.13 €

4 These licenses are available only in conjunction with the service FirstByte virtual server.

5 The ability to connect Microsoft Windows License is present only on the following hosting plans: KVM-SAS-3, KVM-SAS-4, KVM-SAS-5, KVM-SAS-6, KVM-SAS-7, KVM-SAS-8, KVM-SSD-3,KVM-SSD-4, KVM-SSD-5, KVM-SSD-6, KVM-SSD-7, KVM-SSD-8, highhdd-KVM-SAS-1, highhdd-KVM-SAS-2, highhdd-KVM-SAS-3, highhdd-KVM-SAS-4, highhdd-KVM-SAS-5, highhdd-KVM-SAS-6, highmem-KVM-SAS-1, highmem-KVM-SAS-2, highmem-KVM-SAS-3, highmem-KVM-SAS-4, highmem-KVM-SAS-5, highmem-KVM-SAS-6, highmem-KVM-SAS-7, highmem-KVM-SSD-3, highmem-KVM-SSD-4, highmem-KVM-SSD-5, highmem-KVM-SSD-6.

Server Administration

We provide software configuration and resolve administrative tasks on your server. Services are provided on a fee basis and only for customers of FirstByte. However, if you are sure that the problem is in our area of responsibility, please write or call customer service.

Works as part of pay administration6

NamePrice per monthSetup price
ISPmanager, setup and update015.38 €
Site migration from another hosting0from 7.69 €
Backup setup, recovery from backup0from 7.69 €
Diagnosis of the Causes of inoperability sites and services 0from 7.69 €
SSL-certificate setup04.61 €
Reinstall VDS with backup015.38 €
LAMP setup (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)015.38 €
Installing OS with a ISO-image on the KVM virtualization7 07.69 €

6 In a paid technical support to users, we do not perform: finding and fixing errors in your scripts client, as well as finding and fixing bugs in SQL-queries and their optimization. We don’t teach user basics of Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and other operating systems.

7 Please note that you can manually download the ISO-image and make the OS installation in the control panel VMmanager virtual servers.