Recent promotions and discounts

Action: ISPmanager 5 lite for free

Duration of the action: 02/19/2016 - 04/30/2016
Validity of discounts: to 06/01/2016

From February 19 to April 30, when ordering any virtual server (except for "promo" rates *) You can connect ISPmanager 5 lite control panel for free until 06/01/2016

In addition, immediately after the activation of any hosting service, you can access the free DNS hosting tariff on 100 domain zones.

Important: promotion is an additional option on any virtual server (except for "promo" rates *) - "Control panel: ISPmanager Lite 5,4», only when selecting "1 month" pay period. The action does not apply to "external» ISPmanager license.

* List of "promo" rates: OVZ-SSD-1, OVZ-SAS-1, KVM-SSD-1, KVM-SAS-1.

To participate in the action only need to order a virtual server. As shown in the "screenshot" in the payment order for a month cost of the control panel is not charged.

ISPmanager is a popular control panel, dedicated and virtual servers (company ISPsystem ). With an intuitive interface and a low price for a license, it quickly gained popularity among web hosting companies and their clients.

Control panel ISPmanager 5 lite allows to carry out all the necessary actions to your server, from the creation of the mailbox to edit the PHP configuration using a visual interface.

  • Home

  • Web-scripts

  • Creation of www-domains

DNS hosting for free to any service

Duration of the action: Constantly.
Validity of discounts: Constantly.

Immediately after the order or pay any rental server service, web hosting, and after buying a domain name you will be able to connect free «DNS-100-free» tariff DNS hosting for 100 domain names.

Management domain names implemented by the control panel DNSmanager 5 from company ISPsystem . DNSmanager - a centralized name server management system:

  • Management domains

  • Setting domain

  • Records management